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| Aug 09, 2017 | By REBECCA LEE

5 Reasons Why I Love Malaysia

With Malaysia's 60th National Day approaching soon, we are always reminded on how lucky we are to live among a vibrant community which encompasses different ethnics, religions and languages which help shape our nation and who we are today. Our diversity in Malaysia is one of a kind and the bonds we have for each other despite our differences are hard to find anywhere else. With our annual National Day around the corner, let us be reminded on why we love Malaysia.

1. Friends From Different Backgrounds

It is very common to spot groups of friends made up of a variety of races in Malaysia and we love it! Malaysians mingle well with each other and most of us start making friends among each other from a very young age. We hang out together, learn each others' languages, understand about each others' culture and most importantly, we are united together. This environment has allowed us to be great travelers, storytellers and people of tolerance. Wherever we go, we connect to the culture seamlessly and hence forming good relationships with individuals from all walks of life!

2. Multilingual Ability

Aside from the multicultural aspect that we are proud of, we Malaysians are especially pleased with our ability to communicate effortlessly between languages. We may have learned the basic Bahasa Malaysia and English in school but many of us hone our Chinese and Tamil language skills with the help of our friends. Also, we mix around with the languages to come up with our own variety known as the Malaysian English!

3. Holidays, holidays and MORE holidays!

Due to the numerous ethnicity we have in Malaysia, we are also a proud nation with many festivals and celebrations too! It is a public holiday for almost every celebration there is in Malaysia and the best part of it is that it's a good reason to have a feast together! As we celebrate all of these festivals together from a very young age, we grow up to be understanding and appreciative Malaysians. Not only for the food but also the culture, religion, and traditions of our friends from different backgrounds during times of festivities in Malaysia.

4. Food Haven

Last but not least, FOOD! We are fortunate beings to be able to savour different types of delicious delicacies in Malaysia. The aromatic Nasi Lemak fills our tummy and gives us energy to kick start the day while the tasty Prawn Noodles feeds our growling stomach during lunch and in the evening, we can hang out with friends at the nearby mamak for some teh tarik and roti canai. This pretty much sums out the daily diet for most Malaysians.

Food is easily found and price is fairly cheap so that Malaysians and everyone can enjoy and spend time with friends and family conveniently. Do not underestimate the power of food in Malaysia because it unites the people besides feeding them. Mamak for example, is the best place to observe the gathering of Malaysians from different backgrounds, sharing stories and spending time with each other.

5. Many Awesome Places To Visit

There are a lot of hidden gems in Malaysia waiting for us to explore. For example, have you been to Tusan Beach, Sarawak where you can observe the magical ‘blue tears’ or better known as the luminous bright blue ocean glow phenomenon. Many flock to Vaadhoo Beach, Maldives and Matsu Islands, Taiwan to see this beautiful phenomena but didn't know that we have it right in Malaysia. There are still many other undiscovered places in Malaysia to venture with your squad and you will always be up for surprises. Plan your next trip with your friends to explore Malaysia and if you do, don't forget to wear your IDOTSHIRT and tag us in your photos!

We, as Malaysians are very adaptable to any kinds of environment and situations. This trait comes naturally in all Malaysians, making us very open to new experiences and adventures. We were brought up to accept diversity and respect differences among each other. Remember those days in school when we open-heartedly asked endless questions about the cultures of our Malay, Chinese and Indian friends? It is the start of learning to accept and value the privilege we have as Malaysians living in a multicultural country.

With the constant curiosity of language learning, Malaysians are not aware that throughout their lives, they continue to learn languages with ease, thanks to the environment that we are brought up in. It is undeniable that we are proud to be multilingual and we are not afraid to make mistakes when we speak because we help each other learn hence, cultivating a nation that is forever improving, expanding and sharing knowledge with each other.

What is there not to adore about Malaysia? It is where we learn to tolerate, respect, understand, appreciate, and admire all differences and embrace them with an open heart, mind and soul.

This coming National Day, IDOTSHIRT takes the opportunity to introduce two brand new designs, Tropical Haven and Hibiscus Oasis.

The Tropical Haven design showcases the of our country which resembles the diversity of Malaysians. The majestic hornbill as well as the one-of-a-kind rafflesia are both the main elements in this design and reminds us to preserve and conserve our beautiful tropical ecosystem for the future generation. 

The Hibiscus Oasis on the other hand was designed with the National Principles (Rukunegara) in mind. This dual tone design is filled with beauty and patriotism as the five petals of the beloved Bunga Raya represents not only the amazing ecological community in our country but also the 5 National Principles of Malaysia. Not only that, the hibiscus is known to be the flower of joy and happiness, a great representation of what Malaysia is in unity.

Celebrate Malaysia's 60th National Day with IDOTSHIRT today and don't forget to hashtag #IDOLOVEMALAYSIA. 

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Luqman in Tropical Haven Number Tee

Ke Xin in Tropical Haven Box Tee

Dasvini in Hibiscus Oasis Number Tee

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