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FESTIVALS | May 28, 2018 | By

#IDORAYA2018 Designs

It's always very exciting at the IDOTSHIRT HQ when the festive season is around the corner because there will be new designs for us to share with everyone! This year, we have two different designs, Luminous Festivity and Radiant Observance where the Hari Raya elements are present in both these amazing designs. Both of these designs are available for the NUMBER TEE and BOX TEE too! Check out the photos below:

The Radiant Observance design has a colour palette of green tones and yellow-orange hues. The main elements of this design are the moon, stars, as well as Moroccan-inspired patterns. It is a very beautiful design that brings life to the Idotshirt. In the Radiant Observance design, the moon and its army of shining stars signal the start of a new month for many. This design brings to life a holiday that is filled with celebration, love and joy with the family and the world. 

The Luminous Festivity design on the other hand is made up of various tones of blue with yellow borders for its elements. The Luminous Festivity design sees the illumination of homes which shines upon this wonderful month of bonding and forgiveness. The glowing lanterns and the radiant moon symbolizes the light each and every one of us can bring to the world and to everyone around. Also, the paper boat embodies the meaning of innocence and a reminder of our childhood, folding paper boats as we sail them down the river.

Like most of our festive designs previously, the #IDORAYA2018 designs will only be around for a limited time only so don't miss it this time around! Wear it with your family for this coming Hari Raya and you will have super fun group photos with the #IDOTSHIRT :) Customize now at WWW.IDOTSHIRT.COM



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