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| Apr 11, 2016 | By REBECCA LEE

IDOTSHIRT: An Introduction

IDOTSHIRT is comprised of a team of 5 designers who are constantly exploring new waters and meticulously perfecting their craft. Established in 2013 but only started officially operating as a company in 2015, these talented team of bright minds wanted to create a space where art collides with patriotism, identity and love on a simple T-shirt.

The team started off by bringing in the flavours of Malaysia to its patterns such as the durian, tiger and many more iconic symbols that represents Malaysia. Consumers were allowed to choose which pattern they prefer and it will be embroidered on the left breast pocket area. What started as a project to test the waters of the T-shirt customization market became something much more bigger after receiving numerous overwhelming responses and supports.

With the unique Malaysian culture and diversity as our inspiration, IDOTSHIRT strives to be the best in representing the different backgrounds and forms of art that makes up this nation. With that said, IDOTSHIRT aims to be one of the “Must Have” apparels in Malaysia.

IDOTSHIRT is also a platform for clothing brands such as Stoned & Co. and Eighteen Inspiration.

Our Website: The Gameplay Experience

IDOTSHIRT creates a platform for everyone to experience the first ever Gameplay Experience. IDO stands for I DESIGN OWN where YOU are the Creator of who you are. With this Gameplay Experience, everyone can undergo a fun and unique shopping experience where they can customize the layout of their T-Shirt with the privilege of selecting the design and identity that represents their personality.

By allowing our clients to be their own creators, not only are we allowing them to be creative but also to enable them the freedom of expressing who they truly are. IDOTSHIRT allows everyone the freedom to choose and customize the name, number and design that fits their personality. With this given advantage, it is no wonder our products are a favourite among individuals, couples and teams who identify themselves through their choices and preferences of the whole customization process.

The Craftsmanship

The structure of each piece is set to fit the public’s ideal proportions, from the skeleton of the yoke to the hem to create a seamless anatomy that sits perfectly on the body. Due to their drive for the perfect construction and workmanship, the exceptional creators/artisans developed a unique stitching technique to ensure the proper hold of the garments producing a piece that is exclusive and complete.

Signature Interlock Cotton

Labelled as the tightest weave, gives only the smoothest surface that falls perfectly on the skin. It results in the fabric being evidently soft and set to be firm. The double knit construction provides a great flat surface for printing or transferring designs, plus it dyes perfectly. Pleasant to be worn in the discrete weather, the IDOTSHIRT Signature 40/40 pin Interlock Cotton was designed to withstand shrinkage while preserving its world class quality.

High Definition Print

Sealing the design to the fabric, the print; embodies a signature in creating an ideal high definition graphic in commitment to its expert finishing. The quality is effortlessly durable through multiple washing and does not fade in the long run. Due to the tight weave of our garment quality, the result of the design printed is incomparable and among the best in the region. The print features a crisp finishing with ultimate accuracy in the richness of colour play to complement its meticulously crafted design. 

The Designs

Each and every design is unique by its own and depicts the essence of a character. Designed with people and personalities in mind, IDOTSHIRT creates this space for individuals to join the game and be part of a greater whole. Inspired by the elements of the world, the designs are created to celebrate the different types of personalities that form the human league and at the same time allowing everyone to be whom they truly are.

The Colours

With the endless choices of colours, IDOTSHIRT picks out the perfect sets of harmonious and contrasting colours that enhances the design. Dark and light shades, bold colours, monochromatic tones and pastel palettes are some of the colour varieties that are used. The abundance of colour play sets the tone, mood and emotion to the design. Not only do the designs represent different personalities, colours also play an important role, which explains the meticulous selection of suitable colours.

The Layout

The composition of each design is measured to fit into the designated space to establish a perfect proportion and scale. To ensure that every detail of the designs are clear and well defined, the graphic creators of IDOTSHIRT goes into the components of the design sketches to make sure that there are zero flaws when the design goes into production. The creativity of the designs and the artistic variables of the colours can never be perfect if the layout and composition of the design goes wrong.

The People

We are very fortunate to have the support and trust from fans all over the world, especially in Malaysia. Their countless encouragement and love has pushed us forward and help IDOTSHIRT improve in every aspect. We are very humbled, especially, when our fans and customers post up photos of them wearing IDOTSHIRT on their social media. To show our appreciation, we repost and feature them on our social media outlets every week.

Without all of you, IDOTSHIRT would never have grown out of the ground and evolve into who we are today.

So what are you waiting for? Customize your IDOTSHIRT now!




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