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| Jul 12, 2018 | By REBECCA LEE

Idotshirt Hall of Fame

Idotshirt has been collaborating with social media influencers for the past 2 years since its inception into the customization market. These influencers are mostly fashion and lifestyle KOLs who have thousands and some, millions over followers online. Throughout the years, we've collaborated with some of the biggest online names there is and in this blog post, we will be listing down 5 of our most favourite social media influencers wearing Idotshirt:

1. Lily May Mac

When Lily May Mac had a fraction of her now current 3.6 million followers on Instagram, Idotshirt saw the potential in her as a rising social media star. Without any hesitation, we contacted Lily May Mac's camp and the rest was history! Idotshirt had a great time communicating with Lily and her manager on the customization of her Idotshirt. Now regarded as one of the top social influencers in the world with her own makeup line and appearance in numerous music videos, check out Lily May Mac in our Idotshirt Number Tee!

2. Txunamy

What happens when a little girl happens to be a fashionista and actually does have good taste in all of her outfits? She breaks the internet with 1.6m followers of course! Txunamy (not her real name) is the social media's darling with her cute looks and amazing everyday fashionwear. Kids of all ages look up to her and dreams to live her life! Idotshirt approached Txunamy's momanager and they suggested to have a family photo instead and without hesitation we said yes! Check out this cute family in Idotshirt's Midas Touch Series Number Tee:

3. Kryz Uy

Kryz or better known as Kryzzie, is Philippines' top blogger and social media influencer who was 544k of followers that loves her "life + style + travel" contents on her Instagram and blog. Kryzzie is such a fun person to work with and through the emails, her friendly and bubbly personality really came through. No wonder her fans adore her so much! 

4. Naomi Neo

A new member of motherhood, Singapore's hottest KOL Naomi Neo has been through a lot to get to where she is today. Her fanbase has grew since our first email with her and now with her new journey as a mother, Idotshirt couldn't be more excited for Naomi. Naomi mentioned in her post that the material of the Idotshirt was comfortable and most importantly lightweight, making this T-shirt a staple piece for everyone's every day wear!

5. Ava Field & Ellie Field

Ava and Ellie Field are two super cute Korean-American sisters who took the internet by storm with their cuteness! It all started with them modelling for children wear and their mixed-parentage looks quickly caught the attention of the internet world. Their mother would also upload some adorable home videos that had the world melted in an instant with these two charming girls. Idotshirt got in touch with them and were very happy to have the girls in the Number Tee for kids! 

Idotshirt is all about showing your personality through customized T-shirt. The designs that you choose, the name that you put at the back of the T-shirt as well as the meaning of the number you chose, shows who you are as an individual. Go on an adventure at our customization page now to customize your very own IDOTSHIRT today!




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