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| Oct 17, 2017 | By CHERYL WONG

IDOTSHIRT Deepavali 2017

For the most colourful festival of the year, IDOTSHIRT launched two beautiful designs, the Majestic Peacock and Auspicious Rangoli. The designs are heavily inspired by the meaning behind the peacock and rangoli in Hinduism. The colours seen on both of these intricately patterned designs are also some of the vibrant tones that stirs up the festive mood of Deepavali.

Majestic Peacock Design

Apart from the fact that the peacock is the national bird of India, the feather of the peacock also hold many significant cultural believes among the Indian nation. Peacock feathers, also known as mor-pankh, are often associated with Hindu gods in Indian homes. The feather also symbolizes good luck, wealth and prosperity when kept at home because it is identified with the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. 

The feathers of a peacock are believed to be dull looking in the past, until one peacock hid Lord Indra when the god was in the midst of a battle with Ravana. In Hinduism, the peacock holds great importance. The feather of a peacock is worn on Lord Krishna’s crown and Goddess Kaumari is often pictured riding a peacock.

The Majestic Peacock design brings wealth and prosperity to one who owns them. Representing compassion and knowledge this design suits the wise and kind individual who brings goodness to all.

Auspicious Rangoli Design

Rangoli is often seen at the entrances of Indian houses during the festival of lights, Diwali. It is a classical Indian art and it is usually done by women to decorate their houses right after dawn breaks on important dates. Rangoli are created using different materials such as rice flour, flower petals and dyed sand are used. When a Rangoli piece is done, oil lamps will be lit on or around it to not only welcome guests but also to welcome gods especially the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi.

It was said that back in the days, a priest's son passed away and was asked by Lord Brahma to draw a painting of his deceased son. After the drawing was completed, life was breathed into the art where the rangoli came to live as a human boy. Rangoli designs are mainly created to bring in good luck, though when it has gaps within the design or is left incomplete, it is believed that it attracts the evil. Culturally, rangoli is a symbol of spreading joy and happiness to everyone who sees it. 

The Auspicious Rangoli design brings in goodness, prosperity, and happiness to all. Its vibrant colours and complex layout is a grand mixture of tradition, culture, and belief that continues to inspire the world.

These intricate designs are IDOTSHIRT's very first Deepavali designs and we are proud as a peacock of the outcome! We are very excited to share both the Majestic Peacock design and Auspicious Rangoli design with all of you for this beautiful and wonderful Festival of Lights! Happy Deepavali!   

Get your Deepavali IDOTSHIRT now at! These designs will only be available for a limited time only so make sure you get your family and friends to customize together!

Creative Direction: David Liew

Photographer: David Liew


Divya Lee Nair in Auspicious Rangoli Box Tee

Roshan in Majestic Peacock Number Tee

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