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Idotshirt Brand New Printing Technology

New year, new Idotshirt. With the fresh start of 2019, Idotshirt will be introducing a new printing technology that will replace the current sticker print. The reason for our switch in the type of printing style was because the latest DTG printing technology will enable us to decrease production time which means orders will be completed in a shorter time and customers can receive their orders sooner than the current procedures. 

We kickstarted the DTG printing technology on our 2018 Christmas design and we are so humbled by the immense support and response from everyone regarding the new print. All designs will be printed using the DTG printing technology from the 7th of January 2019 onwards. This will also come with a new price point and also please be noted that there will no longer be a metal badge at the back of the Special Series anymore.

Check out our latest printing technology in the videos below:




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