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NEW LAUNCH | Aug 22, 2018 | By REBECCA LEE


With Malaysia's 61st Independence Day around the corner, IDOTSHIRT presents to you two fierce designs, Jungle Pride and Nocturnal Beast, which sees the Malayan Tiger, Hibiscus, and Rainforest as the main elements of this year's #IDOLOVEMALAYSIA designs.


Colourway: Green rainforest background, yellow Malayan Tiger with black outlines, and red hibiscus.

The swift and quiet presence of the Malayan Tiger is known as the Jungle Pride. This design symbolizes power, status, and intelligence which are also attributes of this almost extinct mammal. This is why it is Malaysia's national animal and can be seen on crests and logos of governmental institutions in the country. 


Colourway: Purple rainforest background, yellow Malayan Tiger with red outlines, and red hibiscus.

The Nocturnal Beast emerges and hunts for its prey under the midnight sky. This design represents the traits of the Malayan Tiger where your productiveness and eagerness to achieve your goals no matter the time, place, and condition that you are in. This is no wonder the Malayan Tiger's stripes and side profile are famously known to adorn sports jerseys which are worn by our national athletes. In many ways, it is a symbolic depiction of how our athletes are our Malayan Tigers in the international sports arena.

Check out our latest #IDOLOVEMALAYSIA video about the Malayan Tiger:



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