Component - Bag

IDOTSHIRT is comprised of a team of designers who are constantly exploring new waters and meticulously perfecting their craft. Where art meets fashion. IDOTSHIRT celebrates unique personalities or in other words, identity. And with a variety of graphic themes to choose from, the freedom is yours. With every order, IDOTSHIRT ensures that every product is adequate to your liking. Made with only the highest quality materials, each creation is impeccably cut and skilfully crafted in order to reach the exceptionable standards of street wear, thus ensuring optimum comfort and a perfect fit.

IDOTSHIRT creates a platform for everyone to experience the first ever Gameplay Experience. IDO stands for I DESIGN OWN where YOU are the Creator of who you are. With this Gameplay Experience, everyone can undergo a fun and unique shopping experience where they can customize the layout of their T-Shirt with the privilege of selecting the design and identity that represents their personality.

By allowing our clients to be their own creators, not only are we allowing them to be creative but also to enable them the freedom of expressing who they truly are. IDOTSHIRT allows everyone the freedom to choose and customize the name, number and design that fits their personality. With this given advantage, it is no wonder our products are a favourite among individuals, couples and teams who identify themselves through their choices and preferences of the whole customization process.

Not only do we create amazing platforms for our shoppers to be creative, we also make sure that the quality and finish look is equally as good to ensure everyone gets the best experience of this original concept.